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At Victoria Infant School we take eSafety very seriously. We ensure all children are aware of eSafety issues, and how to deal with them if they arise, through the curriculum and eSafety displays and reminders. 

Our eSafety Coordinator is Mr Dewhurst.


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Web Links

There are many different organisations and websites to support adults and children with e-safety issues. For further information follow the links below.

Increasing numbers of children now have a social network account, often Facebook.  Many schools and teachers are concerned that parents and carers are not always aware of the age restrictions and the related safeguarding risks to the children.The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board eSafety group have developed a parents/carers leaflet to help raise awareness and provide practical guidance. For more information visit

For Parents

We have a safety button on all of the computers in the school, known as 'Hector the protector',  that the children can press if they ever feel uncomfortable with anything that appears on the screen. Hector the dolphin then covers the screen.  Hector can be downloaded to your computer at home, free of charge, by clicking on the 5-7 section of the thinkyouknow website and clicking on 'Hector's world'. Your child will probably know where to find him! If you have any questions about this please speak to Mrs Summers who is our E-Safety Co-ordinator.

E-Safety Policy- January 2015
Consent Form for Photography and Images of Children
e-Safety Guidance
e-Safety Herts for Learning Instagram Guidance
e-Safety Mind The Gap

It is important that we are teaching this message to Key Stage One and Two children as they are exposed at an increasingly early age and are vulnerable.

For Children

What do you do if you find something that you shouldn’t be looking at on the internet?
Do not close it down. Switch off the screen and find an adult.

What should I do if I get texts or emails that are mean?
Do not delete them. Save them and show them to an adult you trust.