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Home Learning

This year, we are introducing an exciting new way to record, track and share your child’s learning during their time in Early Years. This system, called an ‘online learning journal’ will enable staff to take photographs, videos and make written observations of the activities your child does at school. You will then have access to this information (using your email address and a secure password to log in) so you can celebrate this learning at home too. Parents/carers can also add their own photos and comments to the journal of their child’s learning and achievements outside school.

It has worksheets and resources all made by teachers.
Lots of fun activities related to schemes of work.
Lots of free Powerpoints to download science history etc.
This has interactive resources for many subjects.
Lots of fun activities.

Lots of information and worksheets about different animals and plants.


The Victorians
Website with pictures of the Berkhamsted canal. 
Games, collections, videos, stories, homework help and family days out from museums and galleries.

The Vikings – Invaders and Settlers
Activities and information directly linking to the schemes of work.
More in depth information about the Vikings.
Wilkipedia’s Viking information – more challenging text.

Design Technology
Smart board resources for delicious dips and dippers.

Information and Communication Technology
Great fun touch typing practice.

Anti-Bullying Alliance
Information for Parents and Carers

Fun maths games for all ages.
Something for all ages, great for games for a range of different mathematical operations.
Lots of interactive maths sites and well organised for all areas of the numeracy curriculum.
Great for tables practice

Religious Education

The Living God's Love Prayer for Schools

NATSOC (National Society Of Church Schools)
Activities and worksheets about other faiths.
Searches for links to RE sites – comprehensive resources.
St. Peter's website some good pictures.
Diocese of St Albans.  

Links to lots of good ecosystem and rainforest information.
To help save energy.

An excellent free painting package.
A freely downloadable program which is such fun. You make animations by 'bending' a stick man. Lots of learning potential! (Requires mouse skills).