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Maple Class Assembly May 2019

Maple Class Powerpoint

Parent Messages

Well done Maple class for a fantastic assembly.
Wow Maple class that was amazing.  Thank you for these memories!
Absolutely wonderful!  The kids did amazingly well.
Fabulous assembly!  Thank you very much, it was lovely to see how far they've all come.  And incredible how much they all remembered!
Thank you for a fabulous class assembly!  It was absolutely amazing with so much hard work.  The children seem so happy and enthusiastic.  An absolute pleasure to watch.
Fantastic job done by teachers.
Excellent assembly.  Lovely to see  how much the children have learnt.  Thank you very much.
Well done Maple class for a fabulously entertaining assembly!  Such a lot of hard work and what a lot of fun.
Fantastic and brilliant.  Thanks to all the teachers.

Maple Class Assembly March 2019

Maple Class Assembly Powerpoint

Parent Messages

Loved the super-hero flying pictures!  Great idea!  I also loved the songs.  The tricky word song seems like a great way to work those tricky words into their heads.
Thank you Miss Gordon, Miss Jackson and Miss Morley for a wonderful, uplifting assembly.
Excellent assembly.  The children learnt their lines really well.  We really enjoyed it.
Wow Maple class that was an amazing assembly!
Great assembly.  They are having so much fun when learning.
Wow!  Thank you for a lovely assembly.
Another fantastic assembly!  Well done Miss Gordon and Maple class.
How lovely to come back to Victoria to see Maple class.  Fabulous singing, great work and lots of fun!
Really lovely!  Thanks so much for a beautiful assembly.
Fantastic assembly!  Maple have learnt such a lot.
Brilliant, well rehearsed and acted.
That was fantastic, a lot of hard work from everybody.  Well done!



Bear Hunt Wow Day
October 2018

Once Upon a Time.... May 2018

Maple's Assembly Powerpoint



Parent Messages

They did so well.  I hope they all 'live happily ever after'.
Miss Gordon and Miss Jackson you are an amazing team!  Another brilliant assembly, loved it all and the children were amazing.  Thank you so much!
Fantastic!  Glad I brought the tissues, very emotional assembly!  I loved the visual acts and seeing them learn and grow!
Amazing assembly as usual.  Miss Gordon and Miss Jackson have helped them to grow and be more confident each time!
Very lovely.  Really enjoyed the assembly.  All the children did a fantastic job.  They have all grown up so much.
Wonderful yet again!  So proud of all the children.
Amazing!  Such lucky children to have had such a wonderful reception class.
Thank you for a really lovely assembly they all did so well!
Beautiful performance.  They've really grown!
This was an excellent assembly.  The children have grown so much in confidence and ability.
Every single child was brilliant!  It was great to see photos of them at school too.
Lovely, enjoyed every second.
Thank you!  They all spoke and sang so well - a lovely final Maple assembly!
Wow Maple that was fantastic!  Excellent story telling and well done for all standing up and speaking so well. Well done!
I loved the stories.  Great to see all the kids involved as a team effort.
What a lovely assembly Maple class!  You've all got so much confidence and it's lovely to see your friendships.  Wonderfull!
What an amazing show, I really enjoyed it.  Well done!
Amazing but emotional!  Very well done Maple class.
What a fantastic send off, I'm so proud of you all. Very well done!