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Church School Status

As a Church of England Voluntary Aided school, we have very close links with St Peters Church in Berkhamsted.  We overtly teach our children about Christianity and encourage them to develop Christian values like sharing, perseverance and love.  A monthly service and weekly visits from the clergy support our collective worship programme.  As part of the National Curriculum, our RE classes also teach the children about other faiths.  We welcome children of all faiths and no faith and the atmosphere is friendly and happy, with well-behaved pupils and a positive learning environment.

Events and Services

School church services and events are held at The Parish Church of St. Peter, Berkhamsted.

Date and Time
Event / Service
Other information
Wednesday 3rd October at 10.30am Reception/KS1 Harvest Service All parents welcome
Wednesday 7th November at 10.30am KS1 Church Service All parents welcome
Wednesday 5th December at 10.30am KS1 Church Service All parents welcome
Thursday 20th December at 10.30am End of Term Church Service for Victoria and Thomas Coram All parents welcome


Values are taught to the children through group worship, lesson activities and daily reflection times.

The values are taught to children in order for them to have a knowledge and understanding of different life values and skills which will help to make them well rounded and valuable member of the community.

Our Value Words 2018-19

British Values