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Victoria Church of England Infant and Nursery School

Headteacher: Mrs Z Kernohan-Neely
Prince Edward Street, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 3HA
Tel: 01442 865781 Fax: 01442 385205
Email: admin@victoria.herts.sch.uk

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Parent Forum and Frequently Asked Questions

Have your say. Next Parent Forum meeting date: Monday 13th July 7-8pm

Parent Forum

The Victoria School Parent Forum consists of a group of parents/carers (at least 1 represented per class); the Head or Deputy Head; and a Governor. It meets twice per term (one evening meeting 7-8pm; one morning 9.15-10.15am) to share parent body views and updates from the school.

The Forum welcomes your input. You can talk to or email any of the parents below who are involved in the Forum or contact Jenny Jenkins (Governor & Chair of the Parent Forum) at jclj2@hotmail.com

Oak - Melanie Ekless – ekless@virginmedia.com
Yew - Pamela Dalgas – pamelasteen@btinternet.com
Rowan - Laura Gosling – goswoppit@gmail.com
Elm - Helen Dowley - rdowley@btinternet.com
- Angela Freer - angela.freer@googlemail.com
- Jenny Scott - jennylonglegs@yahoo.com
Ash - Ursula Keywood - twobushbabies@yahoo.co.uk
Rowan - Tracey Lewis – tmlewis13@icloud.com
Ash - Nicky Evans - gillgrommit@hotmail.co.uk
Yew - Joanne Lloyd Evans - joanne.lloydevans@gmail.com
Elm and Acorn - Felicity Bond - flisshampson77@yahoo.co.uk
Oak - Stef Wade - stefania_lore@tjxeurope.com

PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 22/5/2015 (212KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 31/3/2015 (251KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 6/2/2015 (291KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 4/11/2014 (220KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 17/9/2014 (162KB)
PDF icon Terms of Reference for the Parent Forum September 2014 (128KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 17/6/2014 (106KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 18/5/2014 (135KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Agenda 18/3/2014 (198KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Agenda 29/1/2014 (288KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Agenda 20/11/2013 (182KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 20/11/2013 (211KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 2/10/2013 (153KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 26/06/2013 (134KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 13/03/2013 (210KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 2/10/2012 (274KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 22/11/2012 (259KB)
PDF icon Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 23/01/2012 (213KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make payments using WisePay?

Please click on the following link WisePay Information.

What uniform does my child need for school?

Please click the link to visit the Uniform web page.

What is the cost of a school dinner?

The Government is now funding the provision for all primary aged children, up to and including Year 2, to have a school meal daily. To find out more go to: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-infant-free-school-meals

At Victoria C of E Infant and Nursery School we are delighted to announce the introduction of the Hertfordshire Catering Pupil Choice Menu.  This is a system which is gradually being implemented in schools throughout Hertfordshire as it gives parents the reassurance that their child will receive a meal of their choice.

Children may select from one of the following options:

Option A - School meal every day (including the packed lunch/cold option) - Monday to Friday
Option B - Home Packed Lunch every day - Monday to Friday
Option C - Home Packed Lunch - Monday to Thursday and School meal on a Friday

PDF icon New Pupil Choice Letter to Parents December 2013 (196KB)

PDF icon Pupil Choice Menu Autumn/Winter 2013/14 (11.39MB) (Look out for the new Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 menu coming soon)

PDF icon Registering your child for Free School Meals (236KB)

When can my child change his/her school dinner pattern?

Half a term's notice is required to change from one option to another.PDF icon Change of School Lunch Option Spring 2 2015 (95MB)

Can my child have milk?

Milk is available for all Infant children (up to and including year 2). The cost for milk for the Autumn Term 2014 is £15.84 or 22p per day for any late orders. Please complete the PDF icon Milk Order Form Autumn Term 2015 (153KB) and return to the school office.

My child has been sick or had diarrhoea. Can he/she come to school?

Your child can only return to school 48 hours after he/she was last sick.

My child has Chicken Pox. When can he/she return to school?

Please inform the school office immediately if your child has chicken pox. Every scab must have crusted over before your child can return to school.

My child has Conjunctivitis. Can he/she come to school?

Yes, but if the problem persists you may wish to take your child to your GP in case medication is needed to clear it up.

My child has Headlice. When can he/she return to school?

You will need to treat your child's hair and ensure that there are no live headlice in his/her hair before your child can return to school. There may be some eggs remaining but this does not prevent your child from being in school.

How can I let you know my child is going home with somebody else at the end of school?

Please write in your child's home school contact book or ring the office.

How can I volunteer to help in school?

Please approach you class teacher, the school office or via email.

Can I take my child out of school during term time?

You will need to complete an PDF icon Leave of Absence Form and Letter from Hertfordshire Children's Services (287KB)which is available from the school office. For children aged 5 years and over absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

My child is in Nursery. Will he/she automatically come to Victoria C of E Infant and Nursery School for Reception?

No. All parents/carers have to apply separately for Reception places which are allocated by the Hertfordshire County Council. Please look out for the admissions booklet which is sent to home addresses by the County Council. You will also need to complete one of our application forms. PDF icon Nursery Application Form (148KB) / PDF icon Reception Application Form (117KB).

When will my child start school?

At present we have two intakes in to Nursery. Children born between September and February will start Nursery school in September prior to their 4th birthday. Children born between March and August will start Nursery in January prior to their 4th birthday. From the Autumn Term 2011 all Reception children will start school in September prior to their 5th birthday.

How can I apply for or After School Club?

You need to complete a PDF icon booking request form 2015-16 (450KB).

After School Club - Ad-Hoc/Emergency Bookings
Further to a request from the Parent Forum, it has been agreed that there will be an opportunity to book ad-hoc After School Club sessions on a half termly basis.  There will be a strict procedure which is as follows:

  • A Parentmail will be sent out following the completion of the regular bookings, detailing how many (if any) spaces are available on any given day for the following half term.
  • An ad-hoc booking request form will need to be completed (located on the stand by the office) and submitted as per the extended schools timetable (on the back of the form).
  • There will be a strict 3-day window after the regular bookings Allocation Day that ad-hoc requests will be looked at and parents contacted with a response.
  • Once a place has been offered and accepted, all fees are payable, regardless of whether a child does not attend. 
  • The cost of each session is £15 including a light snack, payable following receipt of an invoice.
  • Once the 3-day window has passed (or half term has commenced), emergency sessions can be requested only on the day it is required, and subject to availability.  Please contact the school office between 9am and 10am.  You will be asked to provide any dietary requirements and the name of the person collecting your child.

PDF icon ASC Ad-hoc booking request form 2015-16 (452KB).

At what age is school attendance compulsory?

Children are required to be in school full-time from the age of 5. Attendance at Nursery is optional.

What do I do if I have any concerns regarding my child?

Please approach your child's class teacher to discuss any concerns you may have.

How can I join the VSA (Victoria School Association)?

Please contact VSA@victoria.herts.sch.uk


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