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Easy ways for you to help raise funds for Victoria School Association

Supermarket Voucher Scheme – an excellent fundraiser for the school, and simply involves buying supermarket shopping vouchers.  A commission is paid to the school by the retailer – so is a no-cost means of supporting the school association.

For further information drop a note into the VSA postbox. Payment can now be made by Direct Debit.

Edupayment - - there many great offers available and for each online purchase made through Edupayment commission is paid by the retailer to the VSA.  This is a great way for parents, friends and extended family to add to school funds. 

Give As You Earn (GAYE) and Gift Aid – allows a tax efficient means for tax-payers to give directly to the school. Giving £1 per month adds up to a significant contribution over the year.

Both provide similar amounts of tax relief.  The table below highlights the financial benefits of giving through GAYE:

Cost to 20% tax payer

Cost to 40% tax payer

What the VSA receives

£1.60 £1.20 £2
£4 £3 £5


Victoria School Parents Association is a UK Charity, registered number 1048975.