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Eco-Council News

You're probably aware that Victoria is an Eco-School and proudly flies the Green Flag outside its main entrance. At the start of each year we choose Eco Warriors who sit on our Eco-Council and meet regularly to discuss how we can be as 'green' as possible in our daily lives. Events this year have, unfortunately, meant the Eco Warriors have not been very active. However, Elaine Bunn has kindly stepped in and offered to run fortnightly meetings of the Eco-Council this term. The first of these has taken place and focused on litter. Each meeting will have a different focus and there will be a challenge for children to take part in at home if they'd like to. Look out for the Eco-Schools logo (see below) in this newsletter once a fortnight as it will signal a summary of the meeting and a new Eco-Challenge for your children to try. 

What a load of rubbish!School's Extranet

The Eco Warriors have, quite literally, been learning a whole load of rubbish as they focused on litter and its harmful effects on our planet.  They discussed what happens to rubbish that gets dropped and the effect it has on animals and plants. Then they went on a litter-picking mission around school.  Click here for a fact file and activity if you want to get your child involved. Be safe while litter-picking: wear gloves, use a litter-picker, collect rubbish carefully in a bag and dispose of it responsibly.  Always supervise your child when litter-picking and ensure they wash their hands thoroughly afterwards.

Eco Warriors 2021

Ash Oak Beech
Betsy and Charlie H Flo and Laurie Grace and Nate
Cedar Hazel Rowan
Mia and Sonny Amber and Jack Grace and Wilf


Fairtrade Fortnight February 2019

The focus of the campaign this year was cocoa.

In collective worship we linked our new value of Justice to Fairtrade by looking at the fair treatment of cocoa farmers around the world.  Everyone enjoyed a piece of Fairtrade chocolate at the end of our values assembly, when we talked about how Fairtrade helps to ensure cocoa farmers get a fair price for their highly desirable product.

Green Flag Award 2019

Further to our inspection in September 2019 we are pleased to inform parents that we have retained our Green Flag status!

Well done to our Eco-Champions, who showed the Eco-Schools assessor round and answered all her questions.

To become an Eco-School once again, the school needed to show that the whole school community is involved.