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TTC Icons_MathsLearning maths is an adventure into the unknown. The ideas we adults take for granted are a wild, unexplored country to our children.

Denise Gaskins

Our intent is to inspire an enjoyment for Mathematics through nurturing potential, curiosity and discovery.

Our aim for our pupils is:

  • to equip all our pupils with a high-quality mathematics education that provides them with a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically and an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.
  • Offer a multitude of opportunities to cover and embrace Christian and British Values. For example, the vision of ‘flourishing in Learning and Love’, ‘respect' and ‘perseverance’ are concepts that can be addressed directly through the Mathematical Scheme of Work as children listen and discuss their reasoning with their peers whilst grappling with a maths challenge.
  • Adopted a mastery approach in the learning and teaching of mathematics where everyone can succeed and teach for secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts through manageable steps

Pupils consequently progress through curriculum content at broadly the same rate, although support/intervention and broader learning opportunities provided can move groups of children on so that they are able to:

  • Grasp concepts and methods, e.g. through more varied use of practical equipment
  • Be challenged through exposure to greater depth in their learning, e.g. through tackling more complex problems in different contexts
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