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Microsoft Teams

Teams is our digital education platform. It is an online collaboration tool from Microsoft that is part of their Office365 suite.

Teams is a central, secure digital education platform. It is one of the Department for Education’s two recommended digital education platforms for schools.

  • Microsoft Teams allows teachers and pupils to share information, message online, and work together remotely. It is a group chat and collaboration platform.
  • On Microsoft Teams (usually just known as ‘Teams’), teachers can message their class, set work tasks, and in return teachers can receive questions, messages and work back from their pupils.
  • Teams provides a virtual classroom with multiple subjects or learning areas, where teachers can create channels for curriculum subjects in order that information is separated. Your child will have access to a variety of class channels where specific work and tasks, videos or website links or conversations can be posted.
  • Teams can normally be accessed regardless of which computer, tablet or smartphone you use.
  • Teams utilises other Microsoft programs with which both staff and children will be familiar (such as Word and PowerPoint), making it easy for teachers to set tasks and for pupils to upload work.
  • As well as supporting teaching and learning, Teams is a great opportunity for students to build and practice digital citizenship alongside their continued learning.



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Using Teams on a laptop/desktop:

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